Roman Lepa: Land sale to destroy Ukraine’s agriculture

Advocates of the “All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council” gathered at the parliament in Kiev to protest against the total sale of land, which is being prepared by Zelensky’s government, People’s Council MP Roman Lepa stated in a comment for the DPR official website.

“The world’s practice shows that in the open land market, almost all land plots are bought by large landowners. In the best case, sunflower and rapeseed will be grown on Ukrainian black soil, which will lead to the rapid depletion of the fertile soil layer. Experts’ forecasts suggest that in the medium term, the agricultural sector, which is presented by the Zelensky team as promising, will be destroyed.

A pig in the coffin was chosen very accurately as a symbol of the funeral of Ukrainian agriculture. The pride of Ukraine – pork and salo are no longer the national treasure of the new ‘agricultural superpower.’ According to customs statistics published on the website of the State Fiscal Service, for the Q1 of 2019, pork import exceeded export 23 times by weight and 19 times in money terms (export – $702.000 and import – $13.54 million). If Ukraine continues in the same vein, soon it will lose the status of an agrarian country just as it has lost its industrial status,” Roman Lepa commented on the issue.

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