Roman Lepa: To revive industry, not new ministries, but sovereign economic policy is required

The situation with Ukrainian industry is on the brink of catastrophic, People’s Council MP Roman Lepa stated in his comment to the RIA FAN news agency.

“In fact, de-industrialization has taken place in Ukraine. If, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian SSR was one of the most economically developed republics, in which industries with higher value added prevailed, now according to Ukrainian media, raw materials and semi-finished goods prevail in the export pattern – 76%.

Over the past year alone, the decline in the export of manufacturing products of industrial groups amounted to 8.8%, exports of ferrous metallurgy products fell by 11.1%. Recently Zelensky talked about an ‘avalanche of investment’ that would cover Ukraine. However, conditions were not created for investors, infrastructure was not built, corruption and rampant nationalism continue to flourish, which, as everyone knows, is above the law there. In such circumstances, Kiev will have to wait a long time for investments,” the parliamentarian said.

Roman Lepa emphasized that such a situation has been created in Ukraine intentionally.

“The IMF, the WTO, and Soros’ financial structures have done their best to destroy the high-tech sectors of Ukrainian industry. Aircraft manufacturing, electronics are destroyed, the motor vehicle industry y is on the verge of destruction. Machine-building and other higher value added industries are reducing their production from year to year.

International financiers do not need competitors; they need markets. Since it is they who control power in Ukraine, they will not allow developing industry. But they are willing to create a new ministry that would feed another detachment of officials; it does not jeopardize transnational capital. Until Ukraine cleans itself and restores order within the political arena, it will not be able to pursue an economic policy independent of international capital, and no ministries will help it,” the deputy said.

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