Roman Lepa: Ukraine will be hit by economic crisis

Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Roman Lepa called a statement Zelensky had made at a Ukrainian-Turkish business forum economically unfounded in his interview to RIA “FNA”. The president of Ukraine expressed the view that economic reforms in the country had created all preconditions for Ukraine to face an avalanche of foreign investments.

ʺZelensky’s dreams about an avalanche of investments for Ukraine are unsubstantiated. The president and his entourage are under the illusion about economic structure. Zelensky speaks about investments at a time when leading economic experts are warning more and more loudly about an approaching global crisis. The economic model based on the Bretton Woods institutions is coming to an end, which will lead to a significant drop in the global economy.

Under these conditions, no serious investor will make risky investments in a state where armed conflict continues. But there will be more than enough people willing to make super profits on a corruption basis. Therefore, selling Ukrainian land and legalizing gambling will bring more money to corrupt Ukrainian officials than to the state budget. As a result, the Ukrainians will be completely helpless and robbed by Zelensky’s team in the face of economic disaster,” the parliamentarian said.

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