Russia-Donbass Integration Committee members meet with teachers and students of Vladimir State University

On November 3, within the framework of the work of the Integration Committee “Russia-Donbass”, a meeting of its participants with students and teachers of the Vladimir State University was held.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, the Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation deputy Andrey Kozenko, the member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsekov, the DPR Minister of Education and Science Larisa Polyakova, the DPR Deputy Minister of Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism Alexey Yarosh, the chief of the NGO “Young Republic” Nikita Kiosev and other special guests.

The rector of the VSU Anzor Saralidze welcomed the delegation of the Integration Committee within the walls of the HEI headed by him.

“We are very pleased that today dear colleagues and friends have come to our university, which, thanks to the support of the governor, has become the mainstay of the Vladimir region. This status allows us to get great opportunities for the educational process, scientific activity, obtaining additional places for budgetary education,” the rector said.

Chairman of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin spoke about the opportunities that young people are now facing and about Russia’s role in global political processes.

“The world is changing and it opens up great opportunities for you, they need to be used. If you just go with the flow, it is unlikely that you will be able to implement your plans in full. But if you take responsibility and take quite definite steps towards the set goal, if you are ambitious enough to put yourself high, then you will achieve the desired result.

In 2013, none of us could have imagined that life could change so abruptly, that a coup d’etat would take place in the country. We in Donetsk and Lugansk have done everything we could to fulfill our civic duty, to protect ourselves and our citizens. We could not do it in another way.

In 2012-2013, we could not even imagine that airplanes would fly over our cities and drop bombs, that heavy artillery would be used, that tanks would directly target homes, kindergartens, schools. This happened because Ukraine is a weak country, ruled by weak presidents who tolerated a coup d’état. And the president who rules Ukraine now is a puppet of the West – he does not make independent decisions. The saddest thing is that people become victims of all this.

Fortunately, now Russia is gradually regaining the status of a superpower. No matter what they say there, but without Russia’s participation, no significant world issue or the resolution of world conflicts can be managed. Russia is now actively acting as a peacemaker, despite attempts by the West to prevent it from doing so.

Russia today is one of the safest countries for life, the country that cares and protects its citizens. And this is a great value,” Denis Pushilin said.

In turn, the Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky noted the demiurgeous role of patriotism in contemporary political activity.

“Tomorrow’s holiday has a special significance for every patriot of the Russian world. It is no coincidence that this date was not lost in the temporal depths and returned to us together with the revival of Russia. We do not just speak the same language, we are moving in one direction, albeit at different speeds. Our goal is one – unity in thoughts and deeds for the greatness of Russia and its prosperity. And in this difficult business, active patriotism should become a powerful demiurgeous force,” the Head of the LPR noted.

The deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozenko drew the attention of the youth audience to the fact that it is extremely useful to take part in public life at a young age.

“Participating in public life is vital, and it doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a politician later; one of you will become a lawyer, someone – an athlete, and someone will show themselves in another direction. But it is social activity that will give an opportunity to expand the horizon and the circle of communication.

You should strive to communicate with those people who have already achieved something. It always motivates to achieve something more. If you managed to feel the so-called inner adrenaline from the fact that you achieved the goal you set for yourself, this feeling will allow you to reach the highest peaks in your life,” Andrey Kozenko stressed.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Education and Science Larisa Polyakova and Denis Pushilin, answering questions from students, told how the interaction between the students of the DPR and Ukraine took place within the framework of the Humanitarian Programme for the reunification of the Donbass people.

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