Sergey Chuchin: Deputies will keep monitoring situation regarding coal supplies to social policy beneficiaries

The Chairman of the People’s Council’s Committee on Industry and Trade Sergey Chuchin commented on the results of a discussion of a request submitted by the Ministry of Coal and Energy concerning the delivery of domestic solid fuel by a Republican enterprise “Donbassuglerestructurizatsiya”.

ʺThe problem of suspension of delivery of solid domestic fuel by a republican enterprise “Donbassuglerestructurizatsiya” to social policy beneficiaries, workers and pensioners of the mining enterprises, which have been mothballed or liquidated due to formed debt in industrial, housing and communal and budgetary sectors of economy for the received coal was raised in the address of the Ministry of Coal and Energy.

Taking into account the special importance of a social component of the issue, parliamentarians provided an opportunity to meet all interested persons and discuss the situation during a meeting of the People’s Council’s Committee on Industry and Trade. Thus, the event was attended by Representative of the Head of the DPR in the People’s Council Alexey Sukhinin, as well as representatives of the Government, the Ministry of Coal and Energy, Administration of the Head of the DPR and a state enterprise “Republican Centre ʺTrade House ʺUgol Donbassaʺ”.

It should be noted that the problem has been partially solved at the moment: according to the data announced by the relevant ministry, 87.64% of social policy beneficiaries are provided with domestic fuel, while obligations to the residents of Donetsk have been fully met, and coal recipients from the cities of Makeyevka, Snezhnoye, Torez, and Shakhtyorsk will receive domestic fuel by the end of January 2020.

We will continue to monitor the situation on this issue, as, during the reception of citizens, we are constantly approached by people who have not yet received coal. It is also our task to draw the attention of other branches of government to this problem,ʺ the deputy said.

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