#Sergey Kondrykinsky`s Official Commentary on detente in Russian and Turkish Relations

The relations of Russia and Turkey switched to a reset stage after economic isolation, diplomatic confrontation and terrorist attacks.

Today thaw in Russian and Turkish relations is a factor of political dialogue establishment and stabilization of trade and economic ties between the states. Obviously, Turkish president Recep Erdogan realized that further escalation with the RF would lead not only to economic crisis within the country but also to international isolation of Turkey from the side of Russian partners. It should be stressed that the recurrent Turkish gambit was played at the time of the Syrian war and border conflict between the two states. When Russia sided with Bashar Assad, Ankara declared a kind of “a cold war” to the RF. Naive president Erdogan was sure of an absolute support of the Western colleagues in the shadow of NATO.

Russia`s interference in the Syrian conflict considerably changed correlation of forces not only in Syria but in all Middle East. Moscow became a leader in the world arena again, in tandem with economic and military giants now, such as China and Iran.

As soon as the USA and Western democracies lost the battle for domination over Syria, Turkey became an outpost for a diplomatic, economic and political war against Russia. Erdogan lost people`s trust and support after Syrian failure, and revolutionary and separative mood began to arise in the state. It was the incident with the bomber SU-24 shot down in November, 2015, that became a peak of the plan sponsored by the West and aiming at weakening of Russia`s position in the region. “A stab in the back” led to a practically insoluble contradiction between Russia and Turkey bringing them to the point of a military conflict.

Detente in Russia`s and Turkey`s relations ensued after president Erdogan`s official letter sent to Vladimir Putin. In the letter the leader admits guilt of Turkey`s military command and asks forgiveness for the death of pilot Oleg Peshkov.

This diplomatic move became the beginning of thaw in relations between Russia and Turkey and it contributed to softening of some economic restrictions and to removal of a tour sales ban.

As a result of the foreign ministers` last meeting, Russian and Turkish relations will be directed toward consolidation of positions in the fight against the terrorist groups “Jabhat al-Nusra” and “Islamic state”. Сonsidering the recent terrorist act in Istanbul airport, the negotiators pointed out that thaw in the relations would help minimize the number of such terrorist attacks in the Middle East.

However, in my opinion, Russian and Turkish progress will not be ignored by Brussels and Washington. Though the Department of State refused to comment on Erdogan`s letter to Putin, national interest of the USA to the Middle East and Persian Gulf countries will be accompanied by provocative policy on realization of imperial plans.

Even Ukraine distinguished itself in this conflict. When the civil war and genocide are in full swing in the country, president Petr Poroshenko doesn`t miss the opportunity to stir up information space with calumny and accusations towards Russia. The Ukrainian oligarch pretended an unofficial press secretary of Recep Erdogan having made an official statement that there are no apologies in the Turkish leader`s letter to Vladimir Putin.

«As I read this message, it dealt with condolences to the victim`s family, and I believe it is an absolutely understandable position of the Turkey`s president», − Poroshenko states.

To my mind, it only shows attempts of the Ukrainian president to justify the Turkish colleague`s mistake. Anyway, the first excuse has already been said, and who knows, probably Ukraine will be the next to ask forgiveness…

Sergey Kondrykinsky, People`s Council Deputy

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