Sergey Zavdoveyev: Kiev once again talks about incapability of Ukrainian army

The Head of the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”* Oleg Tyagnibok described the poor state of the Ukrainian army on the air on TV channel “112”. According to him, all the statements of the Ukrainian power are only dictated by the need to get ratings up before the presidential elections. 

ʺThe mood of soldiers shows how incapable the state army is. Judging from the situation that takes place in the AFU, the state of the Ukrainian army is deplorable. Only a qualitative picture of the first-rate armament, extensive exercises and high fighting spirit of Ukrainian soldiers is created for the ordinary people. In fact, the leadership of the country mistakes the wish for the reality.

Talks about the Ukrainian army’s incapacity, lack of reforms and financing are becoming increasingly frequent among Ukrainian officials. That money that come from the US budget for the supposed modernization of the Ukrainian defense system and the army is not used as intended.

Generally speaking, all Ukrainian military equipment is a scrap metal and untrained people. To kill their fellow citizens in Donbass is what they are capable of,ʺ Zavdoveyev said.


*All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” is a banned organization in the DPR.

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