Six glucose meters delivered to those in need

On February 12, at the instruction of the DPR People’s Council Chairman, Vladimir Bidyovka, six blood glucose meters were delivered to the Shakhtyorsky district to citizens requiring them.

Two residents of the Republic made addressed the Speaker of Parliament with such a request during a meeting of the Chairman of the People’s Council with Shakhtyorsk residents on February 5.

Women have children with diabetes, and they have no means to buy glucometers on their own.

Vladimir Bidyovka took control of the issue, mustered the deputy corps, and a week later they solved the problem. With the assistance of one of the charitable foundations, six blood glucose meters were purchased, which were delivered to the recipients.

We recall that on Wednesday, February 5, the DPR People’s Council Chairman, Vladimir Bidyovka, together with the first deputy head of the Shakhtyorsk Town Administration, Sergey Zhelnovach, held a reception of citizens. At the end of the meeting, the Speaker of Parliament stated that such receptions would be held monthly in different cities and towns of the Republic.

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