#Сommentary of Marina Zheynova on increase in tariffs for cold water in ‘independent’

In Ukraine, once again there was a rise in tariffs for utility services. Since May 12, 2017, cold water and sanitation tariffs have been raised. Naturally, the rise in price occurred directly during the holidays, apparently, it was done during the time when Ukrainians’ attention was occupied with completely different news. In particular, with provocations and clashes taking place in the cities of Ukraine during the celebration of 9 May.

And no matter how the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman philosophizes about the fact that “the artificial understating of tariffs by local authorities, including the announcement of moratoria on their increase, hinders the development of communal infrastructure” and that, “by understating tariffs, local authorities hamper the modernization of pipes, boiler houses and other infrastructure in their own city, one thing is clear: focusing on European tariffs and benefits, it is possible to conduct another “modernization of wallets” of officials instead of infrastructure.

The next increase, announced in Ukraine, is an increase in the cost of electricity for wholesale buyers, and, consequently, for the population in the future. Energy Minister Igor Nasalik has already stated that “the department is preparing an order to ban imports from Russia.” Buying coal in the US, Africa, etc. is, of course, an interesting idea, but the cost price is several times higher, which means that the cost of generating electricity according to the calculations of Ukrainian officials is 30 percent higher too.

After the last increase in electricity tariffs, where over 100 kilowatts per hour cost 1.68 hryvnia, with a 30% rise in price, each kilowatt will cost more than two hryvnia. Naturally, this will be followed by an increase in the tariff for hot water as well, since the components of its tariff comprise cold water, gas and electricity.

The apotheosis of the situation became the officials thinking of saving methods and calculations for the purchase of energy-saving lamps, taking into account their payback for 9 months, as well as acquiring household appliances of A class. The only thing they did not take into account was that if the installment for a subsidy is formalized, the loan for a washing machine will unlikely be given.

The leadership of Ukraine will continue seeking for various motives and provocations, which will be discussed for weeks on all TV channels just to distract people’s attention from everyday problems. Now they will discuss the topic of “visa-free travel” for Ukrainians, but at the same time, as always, they will forget to say how many percent of the population will be able to use it. During a loud acting of the decree banning social networks in general, the one can quietly sell Ukrainian lands or forests. And with such tariffs, people generally will not have the means to go anywhere and look at the realities of the civilized world, which is very different from the picture on Ukrainian TV channels.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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