Speaker of Parliament proposed to add grounds to prosecute persons engaged in subversive activities

According to the adopted agenda, the deputies discussed the draft law “On Amendments to the Law of the Donetsk People’s Republic “On special measures to protect the interests of the Donetsk People’s Republic (sanctions)“, ” proposed by the DPR People’s Council Deputy Denis Pushilin.

The Speaker of Parliament explained the main point of changes in his report.

“The proposed amendments will allow to extend the list of persons whose activities are detrimental to the Donetsk People’s Republic’s state security and in respect of which special economic sanctions can be applied.

In particular, the changes will prosecute the persons who are carrying out economic activities in the territory of the Republic, will pay taxes from this activity in the budget of States carrying out aggression against the DPR, as well as those related to the maintenance of such aggression this way or another ,” the Speaker said.

Denis Pushilin also noted that some of the sanctions prescribed by the acting law, can not be temporary (license cancellation, transfer of property to the state property, rescission of contracts), in connection with which it is advisable to exclude temporary from the definition of the sanctions.

Taking into account the urgency of the proposed bill, as well as the positive conclusion of the relevant committee, the deputies passed the bill for framework in the first reading. Then it will be sent to the relevant committee to prepare for the second reading.

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