Special-purpose committee discusses questions of registration and operation of nonprofit organizations

On September 8, 2016, the enlarged session of the Committee of the DPR People’s Council on social and religious associations took place, where the question of assistance in the legal regulation of nonprofit organizations’ activities, including the social associations, was discussed.

The event was attended by the chairman of the Committee of the People’s Council on Education, Science and Culture Miroslav Rudenko, the deputy Minister of Culture Olga Kobets, the deputy Minister of Youth, Sport and Tourism Alexander Gromakov, the deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Vladislav Morozov, the representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Revenues and Duties of the DPR. The representative of the Head of the DPR Oleg Vanin also participated in the meeting.

The issues of the operation and the registration of the nonprofit organizations, including the social associations, within the legal framework of the Donetsk People’s Republic, were discussed during the meeting.

The chairman of the Committee of the People`s Council on social and religious associations, the deputy Alexander Malkov, who spoke first, gave the working group tasks.

ʺWe need to understand at what level the experience of the Russian and Ukrainian legislation will be used for the social associations’ operation in our territory. Activity of the social associations is an important part of social and conscious activity of the population,ʺ Alexander Malkov noted.

The chairman of the Committee of the People`s Council on Education, Science and Culture, the deputy Miroslav Rudenko pointed out that the question, raised in the framework of this meeting, is very important for the society’s life and requires a fundamentally quick solution.

ʺThe questions of the registration and the operation of nonprofit organizations are on the agenda. Because, as it was announced earlier, 500 thousand pensioners and veterans are waiting for our solutions; many organizations are ready to pass a procedure of registration as soon as it will be approved. Yes, they have been forming and fixing data about its activities since the autumn of 2014. They tried, of course, to be legalized, but still not legalized according to law, because the one does not exist.

Many nonprofit organizations have this situation, including organizations in the cultural sphere. The same Council of Cinematographers, the associations of writers and ethnographers are not legalized either. Youth and children’s organizations, patriotic clubs are not legalized. In point of fact, this is a question of principle, it is urgent and important for the life of our society and it is still not decided. I think that we have to improve the integrated project of the law “On Public Associations” together, in which the question of the social associations’ operation will be decided, by the second reading,ʺ Miroslav Rudenko noted.

During the meeting, it was decided to develop an appropriate normative legal act, which would regulate the operation and the registration of non-profit organizations in the territory of the DPR by the Special-purpose committee of the People’s Council, ministries and agencies of the Republic.

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