Statement of Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deynego on environmental risks arising from work of coal mines in Ukraine-controlled territory

Serious concerns among the community are caused by the condition of the mines on the part of the Donbass territory controlled by Kiev. The coal mining industry of Ukraine has long been underfunded, which has had a detrimental effect on the mines condition, both abandoned and in the process of liquidation.The operating enterprises do not comply with the proper environmental and technological safety measures.

Ukraine tried to stop the mines in the territory of the People’s Republics by prohibiting their economic activities, as well as the planned economic and transport blockade of Donbass, the apogee of what became the Poroshenko’s decree of March 15, 2017, on the termination of the cargo movement across the contact line.

They failed to achieve the crisis. The Republics have taken control of the coal mining industry in their territories. Enterprises continue to continuously implement all necessary measures both in the sphere of environmental safety, and in ensuring the safety of equipment and engineering systems. Based on the approved forecast for the hydrogeological situation’s development, the optimal water drainage schemes have been developed and are being implemented in the man-made horizons and on the surface of the mines, measures that exclude flooding of the surface have been planned. Regular monitoring of exhausted space flooding, as well as gas and air environment, is conducted, preparations for the construction of protective water drainage complexes are being carried out.

As for the territory controlled by Kiev, the situation with the operating enterprises is tough. This is due to a lack of coal reserves of anthracite group in thermal power plants, equipment wear, shortage of qualified specialists due to non-payment of wages. Only for 2015 and 2016, Ukraine owes its miners more than 400 million UAH. The situation is catastrophic at the stopped mines. Drainage systems are not financed, the level of flooding is not controlled. This became known from the reliable sources in the trade union primary organizations and from the employees who came to work for us.

The flooding of mines threatens with serious consequences, primarily in the area of water supply. The main water intakes, from which the LPR receives water, are in the zone of underflooding of mines located in the territory controlled by Kiev.

The primary concern is the mines “Toshkovskaya”, “Zolotoye”, “Karbonit”, “Rodina” and “Gorskaya”. To ensure their safety, our experts advised to take measures to strengthen existing underground water diversions or build a water drain with submersible pumpsets.

All these factors, each individually and in the frightening aggregate, pose a serious danger to the population on both sides of the demarcation line. Therefore, we have repeatedly drown attention of the world community to the seriousness of the current situation and continue to insist on the need for a speedy inspection of enterprises located in the Donbass territory controlled by Ukraine, by experts of international public organizations and our experts.

Denis Pusilin, Permanent Plenipotentiary Representative of the DPR to the negotiations of the Contact group

Vladislav Deynego, Plenipotentiary Representative of the LPR to the negotiations of the Contact group

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