The parliamentarians congratulate Makeyevka miners with upcoming professional holiday

On August 25, 2016, in a building of Theatre of Young Spectators in Makeevka a solemn event dedicated to the upcoming holiday of Miner’s Day and the anniversary of the state enterprise “Makeevugol (Makeevcoal)”, which this year celebrates its 80th anniversary, has taken place.

The People’s Council deputies Vladimir Chekun, Sergey Zavdoveyev, Yuri Sivokonenko, Victor Neyer and Maksim Knysh, the Advisor to the Head of the Republic Eduard Polyakov, the Acting Head of administration of Makeevka Valeriy Lyakhovets, representatives of the Ministry of Coal and Energy and other officials came to congratulate the miners.

The Advisor to the Head of the DPR Eduard Polyakov conveyed congratulations to Makeevka miners from the Head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

“I send a low bow on behalf of the Head of the Republic and sincere gratitude for your mining work and for all that you do for our young state. As history shows, the miners have always been at the forefront: when defending the homeland, and protecting the energy security of the country – everywhere they tripped their powerful and mighty shoulder,” Eduard Polyakov noted.

The General Director Taras Sidorenko congratulated workers of the state enterprise “Makeevugol” on their professional holiday and anniversary.

“I want to stress the courage and fortitude of miners in a difficult time for the Republic. I wish all the staff every success in your hard work and peaceful sky over your head,” appealed to the labor collective the manager of the enterprise.

The DPR People’s Council deputies also congratulated Makeevka miners on their professional holiday and the 80th anniversary of the state enterprise “Makeevugol.”

“You have earned a well-deserved honour through your selfless labor. Through your work you have proved that you are the best! We, as deputies of the People’s Council, will make every effort so that your work would be appreciated,” reassured his fellow countrymen the deputy Vladimir Chekun.

“On behalf of my comrades I congratulate you on this holiday. I want to say that we sincerely respect you as members of this man’s profession. You have proved yourselves in 2014 at the forefront: in my division half of men by profession are miners, who are willing to return to work after the war. What you are doing is very important to us, thank you for that!” He joined in congratulating the deputy of the People’s Council, detachment commander of special rescue operations much risk EMERCOM of the DPR “Legion” Colonel Sergey Zavdoveev.

“I would also like to congratulate our miners’ women who provide miners with everything they need, from snacks to the family comfort,” completed his colleagues Victor Neyer.

“It is possible now to describe our life with words of a song: “One day we will remember this and won’t believe that we needed only victory. One for all, we will pay the price!” Together we forge this victory, the victory of our young, proud and heroic Republic. Thanks to your work, your bravery and courage, it is warm in our homes, there is light and comfortable. I sincerely wish you good, peace and prosperity,” concluded the deputy Yuri Sivokonenko.

Outstanding collectives and workers of the mines were awarded with honourary diplomas and badges. After the concert the event participants traditionally laid flowers at the Memorial to the heroism of the Makeevka miners.

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