The preliminary results of parliamentary activities for the year were summed up at the meeting of “Donetsk Republic” faction.

On November 24, the meeting of DPR People’s Council “Donetsk Republic” faction was held in which parliamentarians summed up preliminary results of its activities for 2016.

According to the adopted agenda of the event, the Deputy Chairman of DPR People’s Council Olga Makeyeva made an opening speech in which she emphasized the role of deputies feedback with voters and activists.

 “Communication in the districts and public reception offices allows to respond to appeals on-time and provide the necessary assistance. But the citizens do not come only with unsettled issues and problems but with constructive proposals. Active people is a pillar of any society and state. It is important to strengthen the work with such activists, involve them in the process of civil society building and consolidate their ideas.

A striking example of such work can be called “People’s control” project. As the People’s Council deputies and members of “Donetsk Republic” public movement, we must provide full support to such initiatives,” Vice-Speaker of the DPR Parliament noted.

At the meeting of faction the reports of committees chairmen from faction “Donetsk Republic on executed work were heard. Also the participants of event were informed about what the bills are prepared for consideration in the first and second reading at the moment. The deputies of factions reported on the work with local voters, announced the main problems with which the residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic apply to them. The parliamentarians told about the results obtained through their own initiative: the specific cases of humanitarian assistance and support to people affected by the fighting, the organization of renovation of educational and medical institutions. Parliamentarians told about assistance in the reconstruction of destroyed housing and infrastructure and also other results of their activities locally.

At the end of the meeting the head of the “Donetsk Republic” faction in the People’s Council, Alexander Kostenko spoke who summed up the preliminary results of the fraction activity for 2016.

“Based on the reports that we have heard, a considerable number of wide-scale problems have been solved. Also complete solutions for the reconstruction of damaged facilities are worked out, health and social assistance to the population. Exchange of experience of already developed mechanisms will help to speed up and improve the process of interaction with the public, which is certainly have a positive impact on the welfare of the Donetsk People’s Republic citizens ,” Alexander Kostenko concluded.
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