Ukraine is doing its best to ensure situation in the area of Donetsk filtration plant is not improved – Denis Pushilin (video)

The DPR People’s Council Chairman Denis Pushilin in an interview on the TV channel “Union” commented on the disruption by the Ukrainian military of inspection planned by the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE in Donetsk filtration plant.

“It was important for us to work out a mechanism to stop combat actions in the DFP area and the station would begin its work. We managed to reach certain agreements. An action plan was drawn up, namely: the armed forces were withdrawn from both sides, guarantees were provided to DFP staff so that people could work without fear for their life and health. It is very important that a certain safety zone appears in the area of the station. We understand that the penetration of the AFU into the territory of the DFP would provoke the development of various situations down to the emergence of anthropogenic catastrophe, since chlorine is stored there.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is again doing its best to ensure the situation in the DFP area is not improved. At the attempt of joint groups, which included representatives of the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations, the OSCE SMM and the JCCC, to carry out work on the territory of the station, fire was opened by the AFU. This time, fortunately, no one was hurt, but the unmanned aerial vehicle of the OSCE was shot down. We hope that in this case the OSCE will show an unbiased attitude to Ukraine, and it, in turn, will conduct an investigation, and the perpetrators will be punished,” Denis Pusilin said.

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