Valery Skorokhodov: Establishment of town twinning relations between Donbass and Crimea’s cities strengthens process of integrating DPR into Russian Federation

The twinning agreements concluded between the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics with the cities of the Crimea and other regions of Russia allow laying a solid foundation for cooperation at the municipal level, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Valery Skorokhodov told the parliament’s press service.

“The process of integration of the Donbass with Russia is gaining momentum, it is already irreversible. And the fact that the authorities of the Russian cities and towns of the People’s Republics are actively involved in it only confirms this. We have something to share with our colleagues from Russia in the field of municipal government, they possess valuable experience that we can learn from them. Great prospects are opening up before us in the field of socio-economic cooperation, in the field of culture, education and youth policy.

I shall note that every such step in the process of integrating the People’s Republics into the Russian world echoed by the Kiev regime with fierce hatred towards us. The current Ukrainian government is so unable to tolerate the very fact of the existence of the Russian world that it has banned the use of this phrase as extremist. We have made our choice and intend to confirm it. I am sure that well-being and prosperity await the people of the Donbass only with Russia,” Valery Skorokhodov emphasized.

We shall recall that on Monday, October 22, in Yalta, at the International Conference “Russian-Ukrainian Relations: Problems and Prospects”, twinning agreements were signed between Bakhchisarai and Uglegorsk (Donetsk People’s Republic), as well as between Yevpatoriya and Sverdlovsk (Lugansk People’s Republic). The signing ceremony was attended by deputy of the DPR People’s Council Valery Skorokhodov.

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