Valery Skorokhodov: In Ukraine, problems tried to be justified with fictional ‘Russian aggression’

A statement by representatives of Kiev about the theft of 30 thousand railcars is an attempt to lump the problems of Ukrzaliznytsia on the fictional ‘Russian aggression,’ and the figure voiced is spun out of thin air, said Valery Skorokhodov, member of the DPR People’s Council Committee on Transport and Communications.

Earlier, the First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Irina Gerashchenko, said that “Russian aggression led to the theft of more than 30 thousand railcars from Ukrzaliznytsia that remained in the occupied territory,” and Kiev would require their transfer.

According to the deputy, Ukrainian officials have adopted the tactics of indiscriminate accusations and are trying to keep up with their curators. “By exaggerating the size of the claim and placing the opponent into digital controversy, they are trying to pull out of the accused persons an indirect confirmation of the fact of the alleged illegal actions,” Valery Skorokhodov told RIA Novosti.

He noted that Gerashchenko “in her usual manner is trying to dump the problems of Ukrzaliznytsia on the fictional ‘aggression of Russia’,” despite the fact that the Ukrainian railways have long been in a deplorable state.

“In 2015, the management of Ukrzaliznytsia was even forced to declare a technical default on eurobonds in the amount of $500 million. At the moment, according to acting head of Ukrzaliznytsia Eugen Kravtsov, the debts of this joint-stock state-owned company to external creditors amount to 39 billion hryvnias.

Naturally, the figure of 30 thousand cars was pulled out of a hat. This is more than 10 million-strong Belarus has. According to the Ukrainian media, the freight car fleet today is 65.5 thousand units. Moreover, the fleet of freight and passenger cars, as well as locomotives, was already in critical condition back in 2013. This follows from an interview with the head of the Donetsk Railways, Nikolay Rogov, who at that time said bluntly: “The freight car fleet is worn by 89%, and many passenger cars have been waiting to be sent for scraps for a long time.”

At actual a certain number of railcars were destroyed and sawn for scrap by the Ukrainian military, some were simply left in the Donbass, which, based on Irina Gerashchenko’s claims, she does not consider Ukraine,” Valery Skorokhodov said.

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