Valery Skorokhodov: Kiev ditches Steinmeier’s formula, since its implementation would finally tear Donbass away from Ukraine

The statement of Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Vadim Pristayko on Kiev developing its own algorithm for ending the war in Donbass – the “Zelensky formula” – was commented in an interview with the Donetsk News Agency by Valery Skorokhodov, deputy of the DPR People’s Council, parliamentary leader of the Donetsk Republic faction.

“The entire Donbass faces the threat of destabilization if Ukraine decides to neglect the provisions of the Minsk agreements, replacing them with the conditional Zelensky’s formulas.

Instead of starting to implement the Minsk agreements signed by Ukraine five years ago, in Kiev, they endlessly declare their own formulas and road maps, promise to take some steps and move on to radical measures. The algorithm proposed by Frank-Walter Steinmeier is rejected by the Ukrainian party, realizing that its implementation will finally tear Donbass away from Ukraine,” the parliamentarian said.

The MP noted that if Kiev fulfils the Steinmeier’s formula, the authorities of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics will be recognized by the international community.

“Besides, in an interview, Pristayko stated the need to “reach out to the people who remained on the other side, for example, by building a bridge in Stanitsa Luganskaya.” However, we all see perfectly well in what way Kiev reaches out to the people – the attacks by the AFU do not cease,” Valery Skorokhodov summed up.

We shall recall that on September 16, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko stated that Kiev has its own formula for ending the war in Donbass, which implies a peaceful dialogue for a period of six months up to a year, and in the absence of a result, a transition to radical measures.

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