Valery Skorokhodov: Russian language has never been and will not be ‘enemy language’ on Ukraine’s territory

Former Minister of Communications and Transport of Ukraine Eugeny Chervonenko on air of NewsOne channel has stated that “one must do not underestimate the Russian language”, because “the enemy’s language should be known better.” Deputy of the DPR People’s Council Valery Skorokhodov, in a conversation with the Federal News Agency, commented on Chervonenko’s statement.

“Even the former Minister of Transport and Communications should know that, despite the desire of the current Kiev authorities to make Russia an adversary, also because of the events in the Donbass, the logistical ties between Ukraine and the Russian Federation have continued to develop in recent years. And this is explained by a simple fact that the volume of export-import operations is increasing, and the migration of Ukrainians to Russia is accelerating,” recalled Valery Skorokhodov.

“For this, of course, it would be better to know the Russian language, because it is, as Chervonenko correctly noted, “a huge bonus and competitiveness in communication,” the deputy noted. “Only the Russian language on the territory of Ukraine has never been and will not be the ‘enemy language.’ This is the native language for millions of people, they think in Russian, they speak Russian. I am sure that the Ukrainians will sort out why they need the Russian language, without the wrong tips of ex-Minister Chervonenko.”

We shall recall that against the backdrop of Kiev’s struggle against the Russian language in schools and universities of Ukraine, Chervonenko said that Ukrainians should learn Russian and “know better the enemy’s language”, because it, like English, is the language of international communication. He also noted that the study of the Russian language is a matter of national security.

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