Valery Skorokhodov: Ukraine grossly violates one of fundamental norms of law – inviolability of private property

The People’s Council deputy, Head of the “Donetsk Republic” parliamentary faction Valery Skorokhodov described the possible circumstances of the imposition of martial law for the residents of the territories of Donbass controlled by the Kiev regime in an interview to the Donetsk News Agency.

According to the deputy, the Ukrainian authorities will be able to use martial law in the country in order to alienate land of the residents in favour of the veterans of so-called “ATO” or “JFO”.

ʺThe Ukrainian mass media reported that the Head of the “Donetsk State Regional Military and Civil Administration” Alexander Kuts ordered to conduct the inventory of Donbass’s land in the territory controlled by Kiev in order to transfer it to the veterans of the “ATO” and “JFO”.

The number of people dissatisfied with the policy of Poroshenko increases. He needs to keep those who can use available weapons against him away from Kiev by any means. Thus, if someone is attracted to a titbit of land, its owner will be asked to “voluntarily” give it to “new Ukrainian heroes”. In case of resistance, they may rely on the norms of law on martial law and take a property for the benefits of the army,ʺ the deputy said.

Valery Skorokhodov explained that the imposition of martial law provided security forces with a great power, which allowed them to violate the rights and freedoms of citizens.

ʺThe cynicism and absurdity of this situation is that all kinds of Western heralds regularly elucidate that democracy has reached a high level in Ukraine. At the same time, they have grossly violated one of the fundamental norms of law – inviolability of private property,ʺ the deputy noted.

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