Valery Skorokhodov: Ukrainian authorities should start implementing Minsk agreements to resume railroad communication with Donbass

The shelling by the Ukrainian security forces continues, and saboteurs are engaged near the contact line, so it is not yet clear how the safety of train traffic through the contact line would be ensured, DPR People’s Council deputy Valery Skorokhodov told RIA Novosti in an interview.

“Vadim Pristayko’s words about resumption of railroad communication sound very strange. This is nothing but empty chatter and a desire to remind the media of your person. He better remember that the railway tracks in Donbass were dismantled by Ukrainian activists at the very beginning of the blockade, which they themselves organized. Maybe in Ukraine, they came up with some new technologies for railway communication, for which the rails are not needed, but we do not know anything about them?

For starters, Ukraine should begin to implement the Package of Measures and stop terrorizing civilians. And this concerns not only the cessation of shelling, but also the restoration of all social guarantees, amnesty and other clauses of the Minsk agreements,” Valery Skorokhodov said.

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