Vice Speaker Olga Makeyeva speaks about plans of DPR People’s Council for autumn session

The main task of parliamentarians is still to create a qualitative, fair, socially-oriented legislative base. This was stated in an interview to the First Republican TV channel by the Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Olga Makeyeva.

“Within the autumn session, the People’s Council is planning to consider 30 bills that regulate relations in many areas of activity. In particular, this concerns the social sphere, education, science, culture, and health. Bills that will allow developing the transport system, industry, agriculture will also be considered.

For example, the bill “On the Protection of Children’s Rights” provides for state guarantees for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of children. Its peculiarity is also the introduction in the legal field of a post, such as the Commissioner for Children’s Rights, who will coordinate the activities of public authorities in the field of protecting the rights of children and make independent decisions for the prompt resolution of emerging issues,” said Olga Makeyeva.

According to her, the parliamentarians are working on the formation of new normative legal acts, as well as improving the already adopted laws, taking into account the current realities and the economic situation in the state.

“This fall, the People’s Council plans to consider the bill “On Prices and Pricing.” In this project, the principles of state policy in the field of pricing are prescribed, and also the rights, duties and responsibilities of business entities and executive authorities in the formation, application and control of prices.

In addition, we are working on draft laws that speak for themselves: “On Adaptive Physical Training and Sports,” “On Amending the Law “On State Regulation in the Sphere of Production (Processing) and Use of Coal (Fuel Schist), on the Specifics of the Social protection of Workers of Mining Enterprises”,” ” On emergency medical care.”

It is also possible to note bills aimed at developing the economy of the Republic. In particular, it is necessary to make a number of changes to the Laws “On the Tax System,” “On Industrial Policy,” “On the System of State Strategic Planning,” “On the State Material Reserve,” and others,” concluded Olga Makeyeva.

We recall, the first plenary meeting of the autumn session of the DPR People’s Council of the first convocation was held on August 3, 2018.

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