Vladimir Bidyovka and Olga Makeyeva congratulate Great Patriotic War veteran on his 95th birthday

On February 1, the Chairman of DPR the People’s Council, Vladimir Bidyovka, and the Vice-Chairman of the People’s Council, Olga Makeyeva, congratulated the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Gusman Ibragimovich Safin, on his 95th birthday.

On behalf of parliamentarians, Vladimir Bidyovka thanked the veteran for his immortal feat.

“This is a gratitude not only from the DPR People’s Council, it is a gratitude from all generations, whose lives you and your comrades defended during the Great Patriotic War,” the Chairman of the People’s Council said.

Olga Makeyeva joined the congratulations.

“On behalf of the DPR People’s Council deputies, I want to congratulate the man of the hour on this remarkable date. Please accept the most sincere wishes of good health, vigour and strength, a peaceful and quiet life surrounded by relatives and close ones,” the vice speaker wished the veteran.

Vladimir Bidyovka and Olga Makeyeva presented Gusman Ibragimovich Safin with a gratitude letter of the DPR People’s Council, a cake and flowers.

Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka noted that the generation of front-line soldiers could serve as an example for our contemporaries.

“On the first day of February, we came to congratulate a great man – Gusman Ibragimovich Safin – a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a participant in the breakthrough of the Leningrad blockade. He proved with his whole life that our people commit feats not only in military affairs, but also in work.

I’ve known Gusman Ibragimovich for a long time, this is the man who’s been carrying out his mission, fighting against fascism, his entire life. After the end of the war, he visited many countries with lectures in which he conveyed the main idea – the world should be without fascism. Today he also continues to work with young people, taking part in the development of the veteran movement.

I wish the younger generation took an example from people like Gusman Ibragimovich, we have something to learn from them and we need to look up to them,” the Speaker of the Parliament said.

Olga Makeyeva stressed that the life of people like Gusman Ibragimovich Safin is a reference point for many people today.

“I want to note that Gusman Ibragimovich is a representative of a generation that has lived a very difficult life, filled with exploits and events in the name of peace and victory. For us, such people have always been and will be an invaluable example and guideline of how to live, how to love the Homeland and serve it,” the Vice-Chairman of the People’s Council said.

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