Vladimir Bidyovka and Youth Parliament deputies pay visit to Makeyevka boarding school for charity purpose

On February 13, DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka, together with members of the Presidium of the Youth Parliament, paid a working visit to the state general educational institution Makeyevka Special Boarding School No. 36. The meeting was also attended by the head of the Makeyevka town, Sergey Goloshchapov.

During the press scrum, Vladimir Bidyovka spoke about the purpose of the visit.

“We already visited this place on Old New Year’s Eve, congratulated the guys, and presented them with gifts. As we talked, it turned out that they lacked sports equipment and certain office equipment. In light of this, after consulting with the Youth Parliament and discussing the problem with the town administration, today we delivered what was necessary for the boarding school; but the most important thing, it seems to me, is that today the Youth Parliament took the initiative and deputies spent their time on real-live communication with kids, the fact that they will devote time to them.

It is great that in the Republic, the People’s Council, the Youth Parliament, and the town authorities are trying to provide children with all kinds of support. It is important not only to financially help such institutions, but also to provide moral support and care for children,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

As part of the meeting, Youth Parliament deputies organized the work of three sections, where children were taught handicrafts, played intellectual and outdoor sports games.

We recall that in January 2020, a working meeting was held between the People’s Council Chairman and the Youth Parliament Presidium representatives, during which Vladimir Bidyovka invited deputies to jointly visit one of Makeyevka boarding schools with a humanitarian purpose.

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