Vladimir Bidyovka assesses skill level of teams participating in KVN festival

On January 31, a republican festival of KVN teams “Battle of Titans” took place in Donetsk. The event was attended by the Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka, People’s Council deputies and honourable guests.

Vladimir Bidyovka noted the high level of preparation of all participating teams in his commentary to the press service of the People’s Council.

ʺI am very impressed with today’s game. I got plenty of positive emotions in two hours, for which I thank all the participating teams.

Giving people around you vivid, good impressions is actually very difficult. We see a kind of mix of talents in KVN. It is necessary not only to come up with a funny joke, but also to present it in a funny way. It takes a special kind of acting skills, which I saw in each of you today. You are all great and the level of your teams is at very high level.

We always support you, when you participate in international games. And I have no doubt that you have a great future. Do not rest on your oars, conquer new peaks and, of course, open new sides of your talents,ʺ the parliamentarian speaker said.

After the event, the Chairman of the People’s Council presented diplomas to the teams that took the second place –“Amsterdam” team (Zhdanovka) and “Rovenki” team of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” (Rovenki).

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