Vladimir Bidyovka attends grand opening of futsal tournament dedicated to Remembrance Day of perished DPR Interior Ministry staff

On November 1, the Republic’s capital hosted a futsal tournament dedicated to Remembrance Day of the DPR internal affairs bodies’ employees who died in the line of duty (military service duties). DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka, Donetsk Republic’s parliamentary leader Valery Skorokhodov, MP Yury Sivokonenko, as well as representatives of relevant ministries and departments, attended the event.

In a comment to the press service of the People’s Council, the Speaker of Parliament stressed the importance of holding such events in memory of the true patriots of their native land, the heroes of the Republic.

“Our land has always been and remains the cradleland of real heroes – brave, strong people, for whom truth is always at the forefront. Despite the danger, our countryfolk are ready to fight for justice, order and peace, not only on the frontlines, but also in every house. And I am proud that Donbass is famous for such people.

Today, our duty with you to honour the memory of the perished employees of the internal affairs bodies, to gratefully recall everyone by their name.

A person is alive while the memory of them is alive. And we won’t just not let those who gave their lives for the sake of peace and security of our citizens be forgotten – we must be worthy of their feats,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

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