Vladimir Bidyovka attends unveiling of bust of DPR Hero Joseph Kobzon

On December 9, the Donetsk Park named after The Lenin Komsomol hosted the unveiling of a bust of the Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic, People’s Artist of the USSR and the DPR Joseph Kobzon.

The event was attended by DPR Head Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka, MP of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, coordinator of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee Andrey Kozenko, MPs of the People’s Council, Minister of Culture Mikhail Zheltyakov, Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova, activists of public movement “Donetsk Republic” and the public organization “Young Republic”, representatives of the People’s Squad, Youth Parliament and the DPR Civic Chamber.

Denis Pushilin noted a huge contribution of Joseph Kobzon to the culture of the entire post-Soviet territory and the assistance he provided to his compatriots.

“Today we are unveiling the bust of the Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a native-born and a real friend of Donbass Joseph Davydovich Kobzon. We all know that this man had an outstanding talent. But for us, his magnanimity was more tangible: he never feared and drew attention to us, to his Homeland, in 2014, when it was very dangerous out here. When shelling here would be constant, when one could die or get injured, he would and support us. He supported us through his work. We remember those concerts under fire. They will forever remain in our memory.

His famous “I love you, life!” became the motto for a lot of people and helped them get through difficult life situations. And his song about Victory Day has a soft spot in our hearts, and especially now.

He will always stay with us. He went down in history forever. May glory to our great countryman be eternal!” the DPR Head said.

Andrey Kozenko in his speech stated that he had known Joseph Kobzon as a person who was always ready to help his compatriots.

“His creative work was saturated with love for the Motherland, for his native land. I was lucky enough to know his other side of a politician. He understood, as a politician, where his native land was and what he should always be there for it – In the most difficult moments, the most challenging hours of the Donetsk People’s Republic, of the whole of Donbass. Joseph Davydovich has a very good song: “Whilst I remember – I live!” Let us remember this man and live!” the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation noted.

Also, Andrey Kozenko read out a congratulatory letter from Ninel Mikhailovna Kobzon – Joseph Kobzon’s widow.

“I express my profound gratitude to you for your reverent attitude to memory and the installation of the bust of Joseph Davydovich. The mining region was dear to him from childhood: he respected the miners, considering their work the most arduous and difficult. He would come to his Homeland with great joy. He loved Donetsk and always admired the beauty of the city of roses. In the challenging days, Joseph Davydovich was next to his fellow countrymen, supported their fighting spirit and patriotic mood with the favourite songs,” Andrey Kozenko read out the words of the congratulatory letter.

In turn, Chairman of the People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka noted the sincere love of the Donbass people to the DPR People’s Artist.

“Joseph Davydovich Kobzon was an outstanding person. He became a legendary man, not only because of his creative work, not only because he was a great singer, but also because he was a man with a big heart. Having gained popular love, he did not change, but used his fame to help people.

Let’s recall the Nord Ost. Joseph Davydovich was one of the few who directly negotiated with terrorists. And he took out five people. He saved five people, risking his life. And now, when the war came to Donbass, Joseph Davydovich did not abandon his Homeland. He provided humanitarian assistance to civilians, raised the morale of the soldiers with his creativeness, and in every way he helped his native land, without forgetting it for a minute. Joseph Davydovich will forever remain in our hearts an outstanding person, the real son of his Homeland, the Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic,” the Speaker of the DPR Parliament said.

The participants of the event laid flowers at the bust of the DPR Hero Joseph Kobzon. The sculpture was created by a native of Donbass, philanthropist Vladimir Nekrasov.

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