Vladimir Bidyovka comments on parliament’s progress during autumn session

During the autumn session, the People’s Council exceeded the work plan by 14%, having adopted six more bills than was planned, DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka informed during the press scrum.

“With today’s plenary meeting, the People’s Council completed the autumn session, so I am going summarize the parliament’s progress for the announced period [from August to December 2019 – ed.]. The People’s Council held 18 plenary meetings: of which 13 ordinary and 5 extraordinary. During the autumn session, 76 bills were registered, of which 42 were adopted. 67 decrees were adopted as well.

Of the adopted laws, I would like to single out the Civil Code, the DPR Law “On the State Border of the Donetsk People’s Republic” and the DPR Law “On Amending the DPR Law “On the Social Protection of War Veterans”.” Generally speaking, the People’s Council outstripped the work plan by 14% during the autumn session.

At the last plenary meeting, we approved a work plan for the spring session. During which time, we intend to work out the Water Code, the Family Code, the bill on state and civil service and a number of other bills important for our Republic,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

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