Vladimir Bidyovka comments on series of events that occurred in 2018

2018 was marked by the next significant steps to strengthen the sovereignty of the Republics, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka told Free Press.

“I consider large-scale and important events a series of discussion events devoted to discussing the long-term development strategy of the state “The Power of Donbass”, the adoption of laws on amending the Constitution of the DPR, the Government of the Donetsk People’s Republic and, of course, the election of the DPR Head and the People’s Council deputies, their positive assessment by international observers,” the speaker of the DPR parliament said.

“FP”: – How do you think this year has changed the sentiments of the population? What exactly did it affect?

“I can say that it is not the sentiments that have changed – here, everything remained just as in 2014, that is, the Donbass did not abandon its ideals, its vision of the future. It’s residents’ requirements that have changed, and this is a normal course of events, as other needs arise over time.

Now, when the Republic is already quite firm on its feet, it is important to develop our state, to push the social component. It is necessary to develop the economy, to conduct crime prevention and much more. All these issues, above all, need to be worked out at the legislative level. Today, work is already underway in these areas, and the necessary laws are being drafted and adopted. Besides, attention is focused on strengthening integration processes with the Russian Federation in various fields,” Vladimir Bidyovka shared the information.

“FP”: – At the end of the year, a lot is talked about the possibility of a new war. Do you believe in its beginning? How will it differ from the 2014 campaign, and what are the chances of the Donbass?

“I believe that Ukraine will not go for large-scale military actions, but today it is reliably known about the upcoming provocations. The DPR is fully prepared for any development of events.

In this situation, perhaps it would be more correct to say about Ukraine’s attempts to incandescent the situation, to which, in particular, it is pushed by the so-called “Western partners”. An example is the resumption of lethal weapons’ supplies to Kiev. And we all understand that this is due to the upcoming elections in Ukraine. Without provocations and, as a result, martial law, Pyotr Poroshenko has no chance of remaining in power,” Vladimir Bidyovka expressed his opinion.

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