Vladimir Bidyovka congratulates Amvrosiyevka residents on town’s 150th anniversary and Builder’s Day

On August 10, the town of Amvrosiyevka hosted a celebratory event, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the founding of the town, as well as to Builder’s Day. The event was attended by DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka and the People’s Council deputies Marina Magdalina and Elena Shishkina.

The Speaker of Parliament congratulated residents of Amvrosiyevka on the town’s anniversary, and the workers in the construction industry on a professional holiday.

“For the town, specialization of which is focused on the production of building materials, the celebration of Builder’s Day plays a special role, because it was the development of this sphere that served as the key to the steady growth of the town’s well-being. The fame of Amvrosiyevka as the centre of the cement industry has always reached far and beyond the town and region, and the products manufactured in this town were of first-class quality.

It is not for nothing that this day is considered the birthday of Amvrosiyevka, because it is the desire to create and build that drives its inhabitants. This is a beautiful feature that allowed not only to survive during the Ukrainian aggression, but also revive the town, breathe new life into it.

On this day, with all my heart I congratulate you, dear friends, on these wonderful holidays. I wish health and success to each of you, prosperity and well-being to the town of Amvrosiyevka!” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

The Speaker of Parliament handed the letters of gratitude from the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council to representatives of the Amvrosiyevsky District Council. Also, diplomas and other awards were presented to the best employees of the enterprises of Amvrosiyevka on behalf of the Town and District Councils. In honour of the anniversary of the town’s founding, Larisa Tur – a history teacher, a specialist of the highest category, a teacher-methodologist, the head of the Poisk (Search) school group, and the Thread Binding Centuries historical museum of the Amvrosiyevka School No. 6 municipal educational institution was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen.

After the solemn part, a festive concert of creative groups and solo performers of the town was held for the participants of the event.

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