Vladimir Bidyovka congratulates children from capital’s Kirovsky district on New Year holidays

On January 4, a New Year theatrical performance for children was held in the Centre for Culture named after Franko, which is located in the Kirovsky district in Donetsk. The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Republic Vladimir Bidyovka.

ʺToday, the public movement “Donetsk Republic” is setting up a theatrical performance called “The Snow Queen” for children, who belong to various social groups, aged 3 and above within the framework of a social project “Bright Childhood”.

Now, especially during New Year holidays, it is doubly important to provide children with our support, bring joy, give them presents in order to make them feel more secure and make their childhood more carefree. It was said repeatedly that they were our future and how we were raising them, that was what the Donetsk People’s Republic would be. I am sure that we will have a worthy future with such an approach.

About three hundred children from the front line Kirovsky district came to see the theatrical performance. Today, schoolchildren, kindergarten pupils and children under guardianship saw the theatrical performance called “The Snow Queen”, which was organised by peers from a theatrical studio “Ole-Luk-Oie”. The spectators and participants of the New Year’s performance received sweet gifts from the public movement “Donetsk Republic” after the performance.

A number of similar events are planned within the framework of the project “Bright Childhood” in January, 2019, in which hundreds of children from different cities and regions of the DPR will take part,ʺ Vladimir Bidyovka said.

He added that similar events from children from the frontline areas of the DPR, orphaned children and children in difficult circumstances, as well as children of deceased or active servicemen, were held in the framework of the long-term projects “Bright Childhood” and “Heroes” in December 2018. About 600 children tool part in pre-pre-New Year festive performances.

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