Vladimir Bidyovka congratulates educators on their professional holiday

On October 2, a solemn event dedicated to Educator and Science Worker’s Day was held at the Donetsk Republican Academic Theatre of Young Spectators. The event was attended by Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka, deputies of the People’s Council Roman Lepa, Vasily Pertsev, Leonid Prisenko and Vladimir Chekun.

During the speech, Vladimir Bidyovka thanked the educators for their courage and loyalty to the profession.

“The most valuable thing in our teachers is that they are always ready to carry on their noble mission. In 2014, when some people in Ukraine dreamed that our children would be in basements, while others did not believe that in our country, which is at war, children would go to school  during the active phase of the hostilities; teachers, like soldiers, took up their posts, and schools of the Republic started working.

Let me congratulate you on your professional holiday from the bottom of my heart, wish you strong health, prosperity and all the best. I’m sure that the title of a teacher will always sound proudly through the history,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

The best workers in the field of education were awarded the letters of gratitude from the People’s Council, as well as certificates of the Donetsk Republic public movement. At the end of the official part, a concert was organized for the participants of the event with the participation of local creative groups.

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