Vladimir Bidyovka congratulates students of Blagodatnovskaya School on beginning of school year

On September 2, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka attended the First Bell holiday at the Blagodatnovskaya School municipal educational institution of the Amvrosiyevsky district.

During his speech, the Speaker of Parliament recommended that pupils be attentive and responsible to their studies.

“The First Bell is always a crucial event in the life of any person. Someone for the first time opens the door to the wonderful world of knowledge, for someone this year will be the final year in school; but believe me, high school students, this year you will recall most than any in life.

School knowledge will become the foundation on which you build your life, so be careful, study well and listen to teachers.

I want to thank the entire teaching staff, headed by the director Olga Nikolayevna, for the work that they put into you.

Guys, do not forget that during your studies you must develop, and also be creative, be athletic. And, of course, listen to your parents and always remember your teachers,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

Also, on the occasion of Knowledge Day, the Chairman of the People’s Council handed sports equipment for use of the school.

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