Vladimir Bidyovka: Criminal Kiev power turns religion into tool of political intrigues

The Kiev authorities use religion as a means of incitement of ethnic hatred. The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka shared this opinion with the Donetsk News Agency on December 15.

ʺUnfortunately, the Ukrainian church has become an instrument for political intrigues of criminal power. The “Kiev Patriarchate”, which is not recognized by the Orthodox world, is currently being used as a means of anti-Russian rhetoric and incitement of ethnic hatred,ʺ the Speaker of the DPR Parliament noted.

He added that the Ukrainian people, who do not support nationalist sentiments, suffer from the misanthropic policy of the current regime.

According to the Chairman of the People’s Council, chaos and lawlessness has long reigned Ukraine and the situation will not change as long as Petro Poroshenko is the President of Ukraine and his associates will be trying to hold on to power with all the strength they have left.

ʺPeople are made to believe “correctly”, speak “right” language, perceive everything that happens around in a “right” way, trying to make them politically dependent and weak-willed, and the critical perception of reality can serve as a basis for various kinds of harassment,ʺ Vladimir Bidyovka summed up.

It should be reminded that a so-called unification council under the auspices of the Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople took place in the Kiev St. Sophia’s Cathedral. It is stated that his goal is to establish a “new local Orthodox church” in Ukraine, which will formally have the status of autocephalous one, but will be headed by the Patriarch of Constantinople.

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