Vladimir Bidyovka: Decree on Russian passports begins new era for Donbass

The signing of the Decree by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, which makes it possible for citizens of the Republics to obtain citizenship of Russia in a simplified procedure, is a historic event. This was stated by the DPR People’s Council Chairman, Vladimir Bidyovka, in his commentary for the RIA Novosti online edition.

“The Donbass residents declared their desire to be part of a large Motherland five years ago. Our people have gone along a difficult path, full of hardship and injustice, but they did not break under the pressure of the inhumanity of the Kiev criminal authorities. We withstood everything and won.

The Donbass has always felt the support of Russia, and the signing of the Decree is a huge step for the future of the citizens of our Republics. I am convinced that a new era begins for our states from now on.

I express sincere gratitude to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the entire people of Russia for their support to the Donetsk People’s Republic!” the Speaker of Parliament said.

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