Vladimir Bidyovka: International organizations must pay attention to our compatriots’ condition after imprisonment in Ukraine

Impeding the exchange of prisoners within the stipulated timescale by the Ukrainian side is also caused by an attempt to conceal torturing of people, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka stated in a comment to the RIA FAN news agency.

“Despite the constant delay in the process of prisoners’ exchange by Ukraine, our representatives in Minsk managed to follow yet another stage of the exchange of held persons to its logical end. The exchange is complete.

Assessing the hideous condition of our compatriots, I want to say that Ukraine has once again shown its inhumane essence. Exhausted, with signs of torture and abuse, they all needed medical assistance. I am convinced that international organizations must pay close attention to this.

With every action, Ukraine fortifies the fact that human rights in that country hold no value. Obviously, the delay of the exchange of prisoners by the Ukrainian side is happening, as well as in order to conceal torturing of people, but it is impossible to cover the truth.

Alas, paragraph 5 of the Minsk agreements on the exchange of all established for all established Kiev still has no intention to fully implement. Many of our fellow countrymen are still in Ukrainian captivity, and although President Zelensky promised to conduct another exchange at the end of quarantine, we are used to be wary of such promises. The Ukrainian government promises a lot, but does little. Nonetheless, we count on the assistance of the “Normandy format” countries and we hope that soon all those illegally held by Ukraine will be free,” the Chairman of the People’s Council said.

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