Vladimir Bidyovka: Parliament has passed 37 laws during spring session

The Chairman of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka commented on the results of a spring session of 2019 in an interview with representatives of the Republican mass media before a closing plenary session.

ʺDuring a spring session, parliamentarians continued to foster relationships with people in four areas: work in districts, meetings with work collectives of enterprises, which external management is introduced, receptions of citizens within the framework of public receptions of the Donetsk Republic; holding receptions of citizens within the work of the public headquarters on front-line areas.

Such work is aimed at learning first-hand about the problems of citizens, answering their questions, informing the population about the decisions taken by the authorities of the Republic,ʺ the speaker of the parliament said.

In addition, Vladimir Bidyovka reported on work done by the parliament in law-making. The Chairman of the People’s Council underlined that the parliament updated the legislation of the Republic and worked on legal enforcement of certain areas of the state economy.

ʺDuring the spring session, 19 plenary sessions were held, including two extraordinary ones. Emphasis was placed on a number of changes to the current legislation, as some laws had lost their relevance during the development of the Republic or needed to be amended based on the current situation. A total of 37 laws have been passed.

Some of the laws passed play a special role in the development of the Republic’s economy. In particular, these are the laws “On the Central Republican Bank”, “On compulsory insurance of civil liability for vehicle owners” and “On trans-border multi-corporate enterprises”,ʺ the deputy said.

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