Vladimir Bidyovka participates in celebration of Shakhyorsk Town Day and Miners’ Day

On August 24, a festive event dedicated to Miner’s Day and the 66th anniversary of Shakhtyorsk was held at the MFSC Olimpiysky stadium of the Shakhtyorsk town. Shakhtyorsk residents were congratulates with festivities by Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka, deputies of the People’s Council Maxim Parshin and Rinat Bilyalov, head of the central executive committee of the Donetsk Republic  public movement Alexey Muratov, as well as representatives of the administrations of the Amvrosiyevsky district.

Vladimir Bidyovka, in a comment to the press service of the People’s Council, emphasized that the love of Shakhtyorsk residents for their town is the key to its development and prosperity.

“The history of Shakhtyorsk is the history of labour, devotion to a cause and a town, the history of heroism and the struggle for our Republic. In the most acute periods of the Ukrainian aggression, town residents selflessly fought for the truth and freedom of their Homeland, restored what the Ukrainian criminals had destroyed. The love for their town of each Shakhtyorsk resident was much more powerful than enemy shells. I’m sure that such an attitude of residents towards their town is the key to success and prosperity of Shakhtyorsk,” said the Speaker of Parliament.

The event opened with a thematic flash mob, after which a concert prepared by the creative collectives of the town, in particular, the Municipal Cultural Institution “Shakhtyorsk Town Cultural and Leisure Association” was waiting for the guests of the festival.

The celebration continued with a performance of guests from the Russian Federation. Honoured artist of the Russian Federation Yury Gradov, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Elena Ionova, as well as Russian folk rock performer and composer Django performed for Shakhtyorsk residents.

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