Vladimir Bidyovka: Payments to blood donors to be captured in legislation

On December 26, during the “Direct line”, DPR Head Denis Pushilin tasked the People’s Council with solving the problem of compensatory payments to donors during blood donation.

“Vladimir Anatolyevich, as far as I know, you are already working on this issue, and there arose a certain legal conflict that needs to be refined. As I understand, this was not done intentionally, and donors should receive compensation,” the Head of the Republic said.

In turn, the Chairman of the People’s Council confirmed that the amendments to the Law of the DPR “On Blood Donation and Its Components”, due to which payments will be captured in legislation, are to be adopted soon.

“Indeed, there was a legal conflict, but as to payments regarding the provision of breakfast, this rule is valid. We’re working on the payments of, let’s say, the cash equivalent of this breakfast, which they [donors – ed.] should receive after they donated blood. This payment is now on its way, but before, by the way, it was absent altogether, it only started recently.

The People’s Council has already registered a bill that introduces this practice at the legislative level, and we will do it as quickly as possible,” Vladimir Bidyovka specified.

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