Vladimir Bidyovka: Peace cannot be achieved in Ukraine without negotiations with Republics

The Chairman of the DPR’s People’s Council commented on a statement made by the Head of the Ukrainian President’s Administration Andrey Yermak about the impossibility of negotiations with representatives of the DPR and LPR in an interview to the information agency RIA FAN.

ʺA peaceful settlement of the conflict is impossible without a direct dialogue between the Republics and Ukraine. Statements made by the Head of the Zelensky’s Office demonstrate the Ukrainian authority’s complete helplessness. These people – Zelensky, Yermak and others – can say diametrically opposite things to different TV channels in one day. Suffice it to put a little pressure from radicals. This is a puppet government, which has a lot of puppeteers and sometimes they themselves do not understand after whose pipe they should dance. This cacophony only causes chaos, anarchy and actual powerlessness in the minds of Ukrainian politicians.

It is impossible to achieve peace in Ukraine without negotiations with the Republics. Andrey Yermak personally signed a document on the establishment of an advisory council on Donbass, and now, it turns out that he put his own meaning to this document. Fortunately, this approach does not function in international politics,ʺ parliamentarian speaker said.

Vladimir Bidyovka added that that the unwillingness of the Ukrainian authorities to resolve the conflict only exacerbated their already fragile position on the world stage.

ʺIt is obvious that Kiev does not seek a solution to the conflict. You can tell this by the number of shelling incidents on the territory of the Republics. The AFU shell daily, this includes the use of heavy weapons. However, Ukraine simply has no choice. It will have to negotiate with Donbass and under the terms established by Donbass. Otherwise, Ukraine will simply cease to exist. The current social, humanitarian, economic and other Ukrainian crises only bring this disaster closer,ʺ the Chairman of the People’s Council summed up.

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