Vladimir Bidyovka: Statutory minimum wage index will be used in calculation of social benefits (video)

The Chairman of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka described main provisions of a DPR’s Law “On minimum wage and amendments to the DPR’s law ʺOn wageʺ”, which was adopted by the parliament on February 14 of the current year, in a programme “From the first person” on a TV channel “Union”.

ʺThe People’s Council has adopted a law on minimum wage amount, which is set at 6,065 Russian rubles. On the one hand, it is a guarantee at the legislative level that wages of people working in enterprises or in the economy of the Republic as a whole, will not be lower than this figure. In addition, it will make it possible to use the minimum wage in the calculation of social payments.

In general, the adoption of this law is an important step for the Republic, because it demonstrates planned economic development. Such figures are calculated by both the relevant ministries and the governmentʺ the speaker of the parliament said.

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