Vladimir Bidyovka takes part in Angels action in memory of perished children of Donbass

On June 1, in the capital’s Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after A. Shcherbakov, an international action “Angels” took place, dedicated to the memory of Donbass children who died during the military aggression by the Ukrainian security forces. The event was timed to the International Children’s Day.

The action was attended by Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka.

“International Children’s Day is a special holiday for all of us, because dozens of children died in the Donbass during the civil war. This is probably the worst. The death of an adult is terrible, but the death of a child cannot be estimated at all.

The most important thing that we can do for our children is to do everything so that they live under the peaceful skies and be happy.

And, of course, it is vital to commemorate the perished children. For this, today, thousands of people have gathered here. We were joined by residents of other cities of the Republic, the Russian Federation and Europe. This gives hope that the Western countries will gain awareness of the need to influence Ukraine so that it fulfills the Minsk agreements,” the Speaker of the DPR Parliament told reporters.

During the action, paper lanterns, symbolizing the souls of the young victims of the Kiev regime, were launched into the night sky of Donetsk.

In all cities and districts of the Republic, “sky lanterns” were launched into the sky, symbolizing the souls of the dead children. The initiative of the Donetsk public activists was supported by residents of 13 Russian regions.

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