Vladimir Bidyovka talks about legislative decrease of bureaucratic burden in field of personal peasant-based agriculture

Amendments to the Law “On Personal Peasant-Based Agriculture” will simplify the conditions for running business by applying the deregulation procedure, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka stated during the State Affairs programme on Union channel.

“This is one of the laws that helps encourage domestic business in the state. Let me give an example: a person has a land plot for conducting personal peasant-based agriculture, and if they want to lease out this plot to a farmer, they will have to change the allowable use of the plot. This includes many different procedures, such as land valuation, cadastral valuation, re-approval of the plot layout, and much more. The solution to all of the above issues could take at least a year at best.

Amendments to the DPR Law “On Personal Peasant-Based Agriculture” made it possible to simplify the procedure. Now all those involved in the process of transferring land for temporary use should only notify the tax service that changes have occurred, and that’s it. We hope that such a step will increase the volume of cultivated land in the Republic,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

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