Vladimir Bidyovka: Ukrainian politicians’ statements jeopardize peace process in Donbass

DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka commented on the statement of Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Vadim Pristayko on additional conditions regarding the special status for Donbass.

“For five years now, Kiev has been talking about the “bad Russian invaders,” which are supposedly restrained by the valiant Ukrainian army. But in reality, the armed forces of Ukraine every day, despite all the agreements on observing the armistice, bombard civilian cities and towns. The latest statements of Kiev against the background of the ongoing shelling of our territories and the constant rhetoric of Ukraine on its implementation of the Minsk agreements sound cynical to say the least.

Mr. Pristayko, sitting in a peaceful Kiev, declares some additional conditions regarding the special status for Donbass, naturally not agreed upon with the Republics.

With such statements, Ukraine only aggravates the situation, jeopardizing the entire peace process and forgetting that the consolidation of the special status in the Constitution of Ukraine and complete amnesty are the foundation for a political settlement of the conflict, without which it is impossible to peacefully resolve the conflict in Donbass. I am sure that after such statements, the guarantor countries saw the real face of Kiev and will take appropriate measures against Ukraine,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

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