Vladimir Bidyovka: We face crucial task of preserving memory of heroism of our countrymen – liquidators of Chernobyl accident consequences

On December 14, a rally was held near the Chernobyl Glory Memorial in Donetsk to commemorate the Day honouring liquidators of the Chernobyl NPP accident aftermath. The event was attended by the Chairman of the People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka and deputy of the People’s Council Natalia Volkova.

In his address to the rally participants, the Speaker of Parliament stressed that the Day of Remembrance was set to perpetuate the feat of liquidators of the Chernobyl accident aftermath.

This is a very important commemorative date for the Republic. Thousands of our countrymen took part in the elimination of the consequences of a man-made disaster, sometimes at the cost of their own health and life. For the inhabitants of our region, there is no concept of “someone else’s misfortune.” So it was then, so it is now, and I am sure so it will always be. Whatever happens, each of us is ready to come to rescue, and, perhaps, this trait is in the blood of Donbass residents.

Everyone who participated in the elimination of the accident’s aftermath, is a true hero. I am sincerely proud that I am a compatriot of these great people and deeply regret that many of them are no longer with us. And today we are facing a crucial task of preserving the memory of our countrymen’s feat, which is why each of us is obliged to pass on this knowledge to the younger generation,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

As part of the event, those present held a minute of silence for the deceased emergency workers and laid flowers at the memorial.

We recall that the memorial date of December 14 (Day honouring the liquidators of the Chernobyl NPP accident aftermath) was established by decree of Acting DPR Head Denis Pushilin on November 19, 2018.

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