Vladimir Bidyovka: We need to not only attract investments in DPR, but also to ensure friendly environment for their effective use 

The Chairman of the People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka described legislative work of the People’s Council on taking measures to respond to today’s economic and epidemiological challenges in the air of the TV programme “Mesto Vstrechi” (“Meeting Place”) on the Oplot TV channel.

The parliamentarian speaker touched upon an agenda of the extraordinary meeting dedicated to a consolidation of legislative norms, pointing out that they were aimed ensuring epidemiological welfare of the citizens of the DPR and preventing the spread of the infection.

ʺAll laws, which were adopted on March 28 at an extraordinary meeting, have already been published, they have come into force and are publicly available. So, everyone can feel free to take a look at them. Above all, these normative legal acts are aimed at providing additional measures for the safety of life and health of our citizens. I call on the people of the Republic to take these legislative innovations and the epidemiological situation in the world and the DPR with responsibility.

The state has responsibilities to protect the life and health of its citizens and for this purpose a package of laws have been adopted, which is aimed at ensuring sanitary and epidemiological norms, as well as preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Yes, these are quiet drastic measures, but they are introduced to improve the safety of our citizens’ lives,ʺ Vladimir Bidyovka said.

Also, he shared the details of a plenary meeting, during which parliamentary hearings were held on investment activities in the DPR.

ʺToday, the Republic is faced with a task of attracting investments in order to at least restore, and in the future – to develop the economy of the Republic after the damage caused by war, non-recognition, blockade and much more. Naturally, it is difficult to cope with these consequences of the war without attracting investment. To date, the People’s Council has registered three draft laws aimed at regulating investment activities. Therefore, we have resorted to discussing them in a format of parliamentary hearings.

The main point was that we must not only attract investments, but also ensure a favourable climate for their effective use and, of course, ensure the safety of these investments so that the Republic’s economy could develop further,ʺ the Chairman of the People’s Council noted.

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