Vladimir Bidyovka: We plan to make this year year of codification of legislation of Donetsk People’s Republic (video)

The Chairman of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka spoke on the Russian language as the only state language of the DPR and revealed working plans for the current year and tasks to be undertaken by the parliament on the air of the TV channel “Union”.

ʺNot entirely, but the first convocation of the People’s Council has laid a legal foundation for our state, which we are now either complementing or correcting as the situation changes. It is a standard practice for many parliaments in the world. However, we still face quite a few challenges. We plan to make this year a year of codification of the legislation of the Donetsk People’s Republic. We have already adopted two codes – the Civil and Water Codes. Currently, the Land and Civil Procedure Codes, as well as a number of other codes, are being developed,ʺ the parliamentarian speaker said.

According to Vladimir Bidyovka, the plans of the People’s Council include a number of draft laws aimed at the development of the economy, in particular, draft laws “On investment activity”, “On Licensing Certain Activities” and “On finance lease”.

ʺAlso, we do not forget about the social sector. A number of draft laws are also being developed in this direction,ʺ the chairman of the People’s Council added.

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