Vladimir Medvedev: Donbass people ready to fight for right to live and choose their own destiny until the end

People’s Council MP Vladimir Medvedev commented for the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic the statement of the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, who called Donbass an undeveloped region with a hostile population.

“I don’t know what kind of undeveloped Donbass with a hostile population journalist Dmitry Gordon is talking about in his interview. Stating about the economy and social condition of our region, on his part, being somewhere in Kiev, is unprofessional to say the least.

In addition, he is quite good at blaming Russia for everything. Maidan, it turns out, was organized by Russia, and not Ukrainian nationalists paid by the West. The economic crisis in Ukraine is due to Russia, which is building the Nord Stream-2. Russia, too, has set Donbass people against Ukraine, and not the AFU, which are constantly shelling our cities and towns.

If past experience is any guide, political experts and ambitious people like Mr. Gordon very quickly change their rhetoric depending on the source of their financing. In response to his interview, I can only invite Dmitry to visit Donbass. He can personally make sure that we do not have any Russian troops here and that our citizens do not live at rifle point. We are not an ‘abscess’, but a people with our opinion and rights. And most importantly, the people of Donbass more than anything want peace and are ready to fight for their right to speak Russian, as well as to live and choose their own destiny to the end,” Vladimir Medvedev said.

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