Vladimir Medvedev: Information received from population census is important to state planning

Participation in a population census is standard practice, which demonstrates mutual trust between a state and a society. This was stated by Deputy Vladimir Medvedev in his commentary to the press service of the People’s Council.

ʺThe primary task of a census is to receive information on population size, its composition and distribution. This information is necessary to organize the economic life of the Republic, to determine citizens’ living standards, to calculate the characteristics of a socio-economic situation in the Republic for the coming years. If the leadership of the DPR will have reliable data on the age and gender structure of the population, its employment, migration, we can accurately predict what our citizens are in dire need of now and what they will need in a few years. This can have an impact on the development and implementation of national priority projects aimed at health care, housing stock, education and science.

Information received from the population census is very important to state’s plans for the social and economic development of the Republic, the development and implementation of which will improve the standard of living of the population.

It is important that all our citizens take part in this programme including those, who temporary reside in the territory of the DPR at the time of the Republican census,ʺ the deputy said.

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