Vladimir Medvedev: Politics of Zelensky’s team turns Ukraine into ‘wild steppe’

Land sale and privatization planned by Zelensky’s team will become disastrous for Ukraine, as was commented for RIA Novosti by the deputy of the DPR People’s Council, Vladimir Medvedev, regarding the statement of Roman Bessmertny that the DPR and the LPR should become a ‘wild steppe’.

“Bessmertny speaks of turning the DPR and LPR into a ‘wild steppe, but we see how the insane policy of Zelensky’s team is turning Ukraine itself into a wild steppe. Now one can clearly see that gold diggers and rascals from the Zelensky team put up for auction Ukrainian land and the remnants of state-owned enterprises that still bring profit. After the total sale of Ukrainian assets, when Ukraine is no longer be of interest to anyone and the ‘wild steppe’ becomes a catastrophic reality, it will be on the DPR and LPR territories that comprehensive development will continue thanks to the integration process with the Russian Federation,” the parliamentarian said.

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